Planted aquarium is still interested hobby in Thailand and getting more and more popular each year. There are numbers of local planted aquarium contests held (both tank picture contest and real tank contest), but most participants are not newcomer hobbyists and the experienced hobbyists are still the majority.


Actually, we need more newcomer hobbyists to participate planted aquarium contest. The more newcomer hobbyists participate those contests, the more popular of planted aquarium will be achieved and this will be our task to do in near future.


Regarding to Nature Aquarium concept, many layouts of Thai’s aquascaper (especially which can be found in contest) are diorama style same as global trend but we hope to see more Nature Aquarium layout style that is another task for us as well.


More than ten years that ADA products officially marketed in Thailand, but there is one problem that there is no premium retailer (except ADA Thailand Gallery) who display ADA full system in their store.


Recently, we just have 2 premium retailers Jai Dee Vet care (already introduced in past AJ) and Aqualab store,  who have many ADA full system displayed in their stores, moreover both store owners understand and passionate with Nature Aquarium style. ADA Thailand together with these new premium retailer stores will promote ADA and Nature Aquarium concept.


We hope that there will be more newcomer hobbyist who understand Nature Aquarium philosophy and make nice Nature Aquarium layout to participate IAPLC in nearly future.



Jai Dee Vet care (



Aqualab store (



Text by Thana Thanapalin


ADA Thailand :







In 2006, it was my first time to import ADA products and introduce “Nature Aquarium” to Vietnamese aquascapers. Biggest change I’ve seen in the Vietnam aquarium hobby is the aquascaping styles. Vietnam aquascapers had previously enjoyed over Dutch aquascaping style. Nowadays the style of aquascaping has changed and “Nature Aquarium” or Japanese style becomes the most popular.


We continue to bring the value of ADA as well as introduce the beautiful of “Nature Aquarium” to Vietnam aquascapers through 03 agents in 03 regions, Viet Aqua-Northern, Tinh Aqua-Central and Saigon Aqua-Southern. We assure our customers that we sell only ADA Genuine Products import from Japan. We don’t allow fake, counterfeit items, or unauthorized copies to be sold in our aquarium shops.


Viet Aqua




Tinh Aqua




Saigon Aqua




We understand the power of next generation and we want to encourage new aquascaping hobbyists.We believe that the new generation of aquascapers can learn to understand how to create “Nature Aquarium” that truly beautiful. We are working to bring them into aquarium hobby; hence, we arrange the program that we call “ IAPLC Encouragement Program for New Generation”. With this program, they will participate in workshop and get hands-on experience with leading aquascapers and ADA products.


As every year, it’s a time for International Aquatic Plant Layout Contest (IAPLC), we arrange Pre-IAPLC photo session. The pre-IAPLC shoot is offered as a great way for Vietnam aquascapers to get to know what their beautiful tank it is. Then they can peer-reviewed and resolve their tank weak point before being submitted. We invited professional photographer to guidance and shooting. Overall, we spend about over 3 hours to talk through our aquarium hobby and have fun together.


We can ensure that we will not let our value customers fail.




IAPLC Encouragement Program for New Generation



Pre-IAPLC photo session



Text by Giang Tran


ADA Vietnam :



(From Aqua Journal #260)