Compared to CO2 supply performed during daytime, aeration during night might probably be talked about less and not carried out by many hobbyists. Aquatic plants breathe at night like fishes and microorganisms do and they need a lot of oxygen. The condition within the aquarium tank also changes depending on the aeration during the night.




Pollen Glass Large for AIR




Pollen Glass Beetle for AIR



The Pollen Glass series comes in two types: “for CO2” and “for AIR”. The difference of these two types is the size of pores on the white-color diffusing filter. Pollen Glass for AIR designed for higher air flow rate has coarser pores compared to Pollen Glass for CO2. With this difference in mind, it is advised to install Pollen Glass for CO2 in the aquarium tank for CO2 supply during daytime while use Pollen Glass for AIR to perform aeration during night. The use of the NA Control Timer is very convenient as it provides an automatic switchover function between CO2 supply and aeration. In hot season when water temperature easily goes up, dissolved oxygen in water decreases and on top of it, aerobic microorganisms become active and consume more oxygen. When aquarium water is warm (approximately 30°C) every day, the aquarium may easily face lack of oxygen at night and therefore aeration during night is of particular importance in hot season.





Air Sweeper




Air Sweeper provides deodorizing and disinfecting effects to aeration activity when connected to the air pump and Pollen Glass for AIR. This equipment reduces the aquarium tank odor and gives mild fragrance around the aquarium tank. Once its fragrance effect is lost, replace the Clean Beads inside the Air Sweeper with new ones. Air Sweeper is also suitable for amphibian/reptile cage which is prone to dirty water and odor.







Pollen Glass





Diffusion filter of Pollen Glass for AIR

The diffusion filter of Pollen Glass for AIR has coarser pores to produce larger air bubbles.



Diffusion filter of Pollen Glass for CO2

The diffusion filter of Pollen Glass for CO2 has very fine pores to produce fine air bubbles.





Air diffused by Pollen Glass for AIR

The more the air bubbles produced from the diffusing filter, the higher the aeration effect.






Air Sweeper




Air Sweeper Sample Connection Diagram (*The size ratio may differ from actual products)

Aeration can be automated by using NA Control Timer together with Pollen Glass as shown in the illustration. (Note that the ballast of Solar I does not appear in the illustration.)