Feeding is one of the most joyful times in Nature Aquarium. To make sure that aquatic plants and fish live together in harmony and prosperity, the right choice of fish food and proper feeding are very important because algal growth rate can differ depending on feeding. Ensure proper feeding with AP Glass and create a more favorable environment for fish.




Only glassware can bring out this contour shape design that fits in hand securely.



Curved nozzle drops the fish food gently on the water surface to prevent it from sinking right away.


In Nature Aquarium, it is necessary to choose fish food and feed the fish more carefully compared to the case for the fish tank without plants. Especially in an aquarium with more than one fish species, extra care is needed because feeding behavior differs by species. The fish plays the main role in Nature Aquarium and we can enjoy beautiful aquascape only if the fish are in good health and swimming lively. AP Glass is ADA’s original product which was developed for fish feeding, which is one of the important know-how in Nature Aquarium. The contour shape design of this glassware fits in hand comfortably and brings you a joy of hygienic feeding. When this product was launched in 1994, there was a feedback about its large size. In fact, the size of AP Glass was determined according to the size of the developer Takashi Amano’s hand. There is a uniquely ADA episode that Amano said, “I wanted this item, so I designed it according to my hand.” AP Glass is a truly original product made with Amano’s enthusiasm. Peculiar design not only looks great, but also provides excellent functionality in feeding. Fish food dispensed onto the water surface resembles the sight of winged bug gracefully flying on the natural river. You can experience this delicate sensation when you use this product. AP Glass is a masterpiece which represents Amano’s passion for feeding.



Clear Stand for AP Glass

Daily feeding is a precious time to check the condition of fish. AP Glass allows you to feed your fish the right amount of food while observing how they eat their food. If you install “Clear Stand for AP Glass” on your aquarium, you can feed fish quickly when needed.



Healthy fish actively snatch food. If Pterophyllum altum, a fish species which usually has feeding difficulty when newly introduced, are eating food as in the picture, it means that the fish are in good health.



Fish Food AP series

Fish Food AP Series contains the nutrients richer than natural plankton and suits the taste of fish. It is also highly digestible and leads to clean aquarium water with fewer algae because of reduced fish waste. The Fish Food AP series is essential fish food to grow healthy fish in planted aquarium. Gold is formulated with Taurine to promote the fish health, while Premium is made from finely selected ingredients and contains richer calcium.




A Taste of Handcrafted Products

Each and every single piece of AP Glass is handcrafted by a skilled craftsman. The contour shape of this glassware is different on each piece, because the shape is determined by how the craftsman blows the glass. The gentle curve on the nozzle is also made to perfection by the superior sense of the craftsman. Handcrafted items have a great taste which cannot be found on machine made, mass-produced products.