Report of China International Pet Show (CIPS) 2017





The international pet show “CIPS 2017”, the biggest aquarium exhibition in Asia was held in Shanghai from Nov 16th to 19th. Each year it receives great attention from international hobbyists and aquascapers, as well they gathered to participate in special events of the exhibition.



20171121_image002 (1)


This year, the booth of ADA China became a highlight of the exhibition. The design of the booth was unique and stylish with a lot of visitor’s attention. Full line-up of DOOA products were displayed, and especially SYSTEM TERRA and SOL STAND G attracted visitors as new aquarium style.





The coming ADA new products LIGHT SCREEN and VUPPA II were installed on the ADA display tank. The layout of the tank had been created by Yusuke Homma (ADA Suikei Creator) at the event held in August this year. Many people stopped in front of the tank to see it.





Also, ‘Origin of Creation TAKASHI AMANO Biography’ Chinese edition was finally released and it was sold out at the booth.

As manufacture, we keep to do our best to produce revolutionary products and inspire hobbyists in the world.





During the four-day event, we met many people related in aquarium industry. Nowadays the number of planted aquarium contests were organized in many areas, and it shows this hobby has potential and will be more popular.



There were a lot of well-known aquascapers who come from IAPLC and they’re active internationally including this event. We concern that planted aquarium will be the mainstream among aquarium industry in the world and this wonderful hobby should be spread widely.