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[ADA view] #419 Temporal change of aquarium in NA Gallery

ADA view

Information communication for Nature Aquarium, [ADA view], will distribute latest situation of NA Gallery or usage of ADA product by web movie. ADA distribute not only information movie through YouTube, but real time distribution of making layout by Takashi Amano through USTREAM. Moreover, the information of ADA view and latest information are delivered byTwitter and Facebook.

We bring you the latest views of ADA's planted aquariums displayed in the Nature Aquarium Gallery.
The display tanks are individually filmed every other week, and we upload 2 - 3 videos every day from Monday through Saturday.
In the videos, you can check out ADA's newest products, such as AQUASKY, Super Jet Filter ES-300 and Lily Pipe Spin, in use inside the gallery.
Please take a look at our beautiful planted aquariums managed with cutting edge aquarium maintenance systems.

ADA view 419 (Temporal change of aquarium in NA Gallery)

Here is the previous temporal change
ADA view_vol.407: http://youtu.be/CxbPbqqnL0w

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