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First French online shop specialized in planted tanks & aquascaping

We offer many products specialized in aquascaping that can't be found in any other shop in France.
Advice by aquascaping specialized staff available.
Fast shipping.

Shop Information

  • Address9 rue Théodule Villeret - 95130 LE PLESSIS BOUCHARD - FRANCE MAP
  • TEL+33 (0)9 66 82 90 44
  • Operating hours24h/24
  • Regular holiday2 weeks in August
  • URLhttp://www.aquascape-boutique.fr/

Stock Level

A: Abundant Stocks | B: a few stocks | C: Backorder

  • Over 100 items
  • Lighting SystemSolar series, Replacement bulbs
    • Solar series-
    • Metal halide lamp bulbs, NA Lamp fluorescent lampsB
  • Substrate SystemAQUA SOIL, POWER SAND, etc.
    • Decorative SandA
    • Substrate AdditivesA
  • Aquarium TanksCube Garden, Aquarium Stand, Mat
    • Cube GardenA
    • Aquarium Stand, Mat-
    • Aquarium tank accessories
  • CO2 Supply SystemRegulators, CO2 Glass diffuser
    • CO2 Advanced System, Replacement cartridge-
    • Pollen Glass, CO2 Bubble Counter, etc.B
    • NA Control Timer, Distribution parts-
  • Filtration SystemLily Pipe, Super Jet Filter, etc.
    • Super Jet Filter-
    • Filtration materials, Bio Rio, etc.A
    • Inflow / Outflow Pipe (Lily Pipe, etc.)B
  • Water ConditionThermometer, Water condition check
    • Softenizer-
    • Drop Checker, Pack Checker seriesB
    • NA Thermometer J-
  • Maintenance ToolsTrimming Scissors, Tweezers, etc.
    • Trimming Scissors, Tweezers, etc.-
    • Layout Goods (Riccia Line, Moss Cotton, etc.)-
    • Superge, Tube Brush, etc.B
  • AdditivesLiquid Firtilizers, Additives
    • Green Brighty seriesA
    • Green Bacter, Green Gain etc.A
    • Aqua Conditioner (Chlor-Off, Vitamix)A
  • Layout MaterialsDriftwood, Stones
    • Branch wood, Horn woodA
    • Manten stone, Ryuoh stoneB
  • Fish FoodAP series, AP-GOLD
    • Fish Food AP / AP-GOLDseries-
  • 10-30 items
    • CO2 SystemCO2 Diffuse, CO2 Music GlassB
    • Filtration SystemPoppy Glass, Violet GlassB
    • Layout toolsDo Scissors, Do Pinsettes-
    • Liquid Firtilizersbe liquid series (be Fine etc.)A
    • Water PurifierNA Water, RO Kit / DI Kit-
    • Aquarium TankCube GlassB
      Plant Glass-
    • Fish FoodFish Food, Food GlassA
    • Lighting SystemBranch-
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