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Since its foundation, Aqua Design Amano has always been developing products realizing beautiful Nature Aquarium layout, with an attitude of "Learning from the Nature." In an effort of providing a harmony of nature and our living, we continue to transmit information from the environment of lush greenery.

  • Company name: Aqua Design Amano Co.,Ltd.
  • Head office: 8554-1 Urushiyama, Niigata-shi,Niigata 953-0054 JAPAN
  • Tel: +81-256-72-6666
  • Fax: +81-256-73-3579
  • Representative: Takashi Amano
  • Business description: ·Manufacturing of planted aquarium products
    ·Research & Development of aquatic plants cultivation
    ·Publication of monthly AQUA JOURNAL
    ·Photographic assignment including Tropical Rainforest in the world
    ·Stock photography business in the field of nature, fauna and flora
  • Company
    April, 2012 marks our 20th anniversary of our corporate history. Our founder / managing director, Takashi Amano started his private business and set up Aqua Design Amano in 1980 when he was 26 years old. In 1992, ADA was incorporated as a company limited, and we have released many stylish & innovative products for the creation of beautiful planted aquarium layouts during our 20 years of our corporate history.

    20 Years of ADA, the Leader of Aquatic Plant Industry

    · Chronology Part.1 1970's - 1994 (PDF File: 475KB)
    · Chronology Part.2 1995 - 2003 (PDF File: 433KB)
    · Chronology Part.3 2004 - 2012 (PDF File: 580KB)


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