Green Aqua is the ADA flagship shop in Hungary. The beautiful gallery is an inspirational place for all who is interested about Nature Aquarium and Aquascaping.



The beginning of the year has brought some very exciting news and inspiring events to Hungarian aquascapers! The aquascaping community here has been one of the strongest and most active in Europe for many years. The amount of high quality Nature Aquarium contest works is increasing, the total number of IAPLC participants is the second largest in Europe for the past two years.


ADA Hungary (Green Aqua) as main sponsor of the 8th Hungarian Aquascaping Contest, has organized a series of exclusive events in February and March.


First, we had an ADA Workshop at Green Aqua with the renowned German professional aquascaper Jurijs Jutjajevs. He has shared some really useful practices and taught viewers some great details about using ADA aquascaping tools and accessories. The event was a huge success on the Facebook, the live broadcast had more than 45.000 views in total, with more than 600 simultaneous live viewers following and commenting. The Green Aqua team really likes to use the live broadcasts regularly, it helps us to connect and interact with a large number of aquarium enthusiasts.









Second, we came up with a huge surprise for the winners of the HAC 2016. (The winning works can be found here:– check it out!) After giving some thought to the competition prizes we realized that it would be better if we would award inspiration, and not products to the contest winners. This is how the idea of organizing a free-of-charge visit to Portugal was born.


We know that only a few Hungarian aquascapers had the possibility to visit Mr. Takashi Amano’s last breathtaking creation the Florestas Submersas at the Oceanario in Lisbon. We later learned that some of the winners have not only not been to Portugal before, but they have barely left the country in their lives. Going together in an aquascaping tour has been a life-changing experience for many.


The world’s biggest Nature Aquarium has left even the best scaping artists speechless. It’s natural beauty, the techniques used in making the layout, the spirit of Mr. Amano and the technical magic of maintaining it to stay a spotless algae-free creation has amazed everybody. The visit has also been documented live, so the winners could share their impressions with friends in Hungary. They could motivate them to keep on living for this beautiful hobby and keep on submitting their applications to contest because these experiences might be waiting for them. All Green Aqua videos can be found at all times on this page:– you will also find an English language presentation of Florestas made by our team member, Balazs Farkas just a few weeks before our visit.





Additionally, we had the opportunity to visit one of the other flagship aquascaping shops in Europe, Aquaeden, where we met Jurijs Jutjajevs again, along with a big group of aquascapers from USA, members of the Scape Tour. This has turned our visit to Portugal into a world meeting of aquarium hobbyists.


The feedback of our viewers has strengthened us in our view: we must continue awarding experiences instead of material goods at contests. It is imperative to help people find the connection between Nature and the aquascaping hobby.


Text and photographs by Viktor Lantos


Green Aqua :



(From  Aqua Journal #259)