Aquascaping is trend in Indonesia especially last year. The biggest number of Indonesian participants ever joined IAPLC  2016 and were ranked in top 100, compared to the previous years. Brilliant ideas and crystal clear on the concepts for designs by using different types of woods and rocks were seen. The glue had taken a lot of credit on shaping both woods and rocks and transformed everything to a whole new level. Aquascape is getting more popular in Indonesia.


We participated in an exhibition that was held on December 16 to 18, 2016. Its called “1st INDONESIA ORNAMENTAL FISH & AQUATIC PLANT SHOW 2016″. The exhibition was the biggest in Indonesia ever happened and has 9 National and International Contests – Koi, Discuss, Betta, Guppy, Louhan, Goldfish, Arowana, Killifish and Aquascape.


As we are the sole ADA distributor in Indonesia, we brought and showed ADA’s product line in the exhibition. Particularly the newest product “Solar RGB” with the shade for our display tank was in the spoylight. We then received rave reviews from all the visitors who stopped by our ADA exhibition booth. They were all astonished by the vibrant colors of the plant with the effect of Solar RGB lightings. Some of the visitors were there without any knowledge of ADA products -they came with interests in only fish. Although for sure each of them had gone home a witness. They witnessed how mesmerizing Solar RGB could have done to any plants and fish.That was the ultimate reason why we displayed Solar RGB. We knew the new product would be the charm of our exhibition and we had seen so many visitors were drawn into it.


A lot of aquascaping fans stated, there are too many ADA counterfeits being marketed in Indonesia with much more affordable prices. Hence, we displayed authentic ADA products in the exhibition also in our stores and in our retailers. Therefore, people could experience the differences between authentic and counterfeit.


We are very positive there will be many more exciting exhibitions in 2017 and it would be a great honor for us to participate again.



ADA exhibition booth



Aquascaping contest took place as a main event in the exhibition. It shows the local popularity of planted aquariums there.



‘Solar RGB’ was introduced to public in Indonesia for the first time.



ADA Team ( Mr. Ong is the third from right )


ADA Indonesia :




SINGAPORE – Ornamental Fish and Accessories Exhibition 2016 –


Ornamental fish and accessories exhibition was held in Singapore in 15th to 18th December 2016. Biotope Services Pte Ltd, Singapore ADA Distributor (commonly known as ADA SG), participated in a booth. The main event was to have a never- before live demonstration of an Nature Aquarium layout, complete with Full ADA systems. The aim was to launch and show ADA’s latest range of products, new Solar RGB and Amazonia Light soil.


With that in mind, we invited Aquascape Master Mr. Dave Chow from Hong Kong to come and give a live demonstration. Dave Chow’s name is synonymous with ADA and aquascaping, hence it was a decision that needed no further consideration. Care and effort were taken to ensure that all materials, plants and rocks were suitable for the layout that Dave had in mind. To ensure that the plants to be used were of top quality, tissue cultured plants were used, along with good quality ferns from a reputed farm in Singapore. Dave made his personal selection of rocks and woods and after his choices were decided, the set of equipment was installed prior to the event. We made broadcast over at Facebook, through ADA Japan’s announcement, as well as printed posters to be displayed at retailers’ shops a few weeks before the event had started.


The audience turn out had reached around 30pax, many of them came to learn about what ADA is all about, as well as to see a live demonstration for a full planted session. Solar RGB was introduced to the audience for the first time, along with bags of Amazonia Light soil. The audience were greeted by a full set of ADA equipment as they arrived and took their seats. The Solar RGB lighted the tank brightly, showing the elegant glass lily pipes, along with the beetle counter, pollen glass, all glistering under the RGB light. The highly-polished ES Superjet Filter completed the visual satisfaction, drawing attention to the famed ‘ADA Filter’ reputation that it has enjoyed. Even by standing alone, it sets hobbyists to awe at its sleek, clean design.


At the demostration, substrate additives, such as Clear Super, Tourmaline BC, Bacter 100 were introduced and showed how they are added. Powersand Special M was added. Amazonia Light was added. Followed by rocks, the driftwoods and la Plata sand. Different methods of securing the driftwoods were introduced, such as gluing, using cable ties and adding rocks. A first portion of plants were planted. Specific areas and principals of nature aquarium layout were explained, showing how plants grow and appear naturally. Members of the audience were invited to participate in the layout, with Dave watching and guiding by the side. A true teacher indeed! The top team of award winning aquascapers meanwhile frantically prepared the plants by the side. It was fun watching the acclaimed aquascapers cleaning the plants and separating the plants from the gels, the wools and laying them out on a tray for Dave and his ‘students’ from the floor to do their layout. The theme was a dragon layout. Its head was prominently shown through 2 big rocks, while its long body of spikes were displayed through carefully selected driftwoods and skillfully placed. A red plant, rotala rotundifolia red, was one of the best choice of plants because RGB could bring out its rich colour.


Next, the Superjet filter was turned on and wow! One can see that the tank came alive. Strong gushes of water flowed out of the outlet of lily pipe and the glass ware was seen resonating silently along with the water flow.  At the surface of the tank, a strong vortex was forming, removing any surface dust particles and drawing them downwards before removing them through the inlet. Elsewhere in the tank, the plants swayed in rhythm with the water flow, it was a sight to behold, if only we could add fish to see the fish enjoying the fresh replenishment of clean oxygenated water. The layout was completed in 2 hours and it was time for the audience to come forward to view tank and get up close to their idol. As many plants were left unused, we offered free to the audience to bring them home, added to everyone’s delight.


We completed the event with the mingling and photo taking session with everybody asking questions about the layout, maintenance requirement, the products and of course, with Dave Chow, the man! It was our first event of a ADA layout, displaying ADA products as well as inviting an overseas guest to make the event a success.



ADA Exhibition Booth



Each ADA product was introduced and showed how to use.



Dragon layout created by Mr.Dave Chow



The demonstrative performance successfully attracted many visitors.


ADA Singapore:



(From Aqua Journal #257)