Passion for Nature Aquarium



Andre Luiz Longarco & Luca Galarraga


Although the Brazilian aquascaping is among the world’s best, this art is not so popular here in the country and its history is very recent.

I think it all started in the late 90’s when some young aquarists gathered to discuss a new trend that came from Europe and Japan, called planted aquarium. After a lot of study and research, we had access to the work of Master Takashi Amano. From the first contact with the book “The Nature Aquarium World”, we were delighted with such delicacy, feeling and harmony expressed in those aquariums. It was from those images that I started to believe it would be possible to have a better quality of life through hobby, and so I did the Nature Aquarium my lifestyle.

After a while, digesting and studying those images and the history of Amano sensei, I decided to found the Aquabase, a pioneer company in Aquascaping and Nature Aquarium in Brazil, along with my inseparable and talented brother, Luca Galarraga. We decided to leave our comfortable lives as architects and to devote ourselves to this wonderful art, the Nature Aquarium.

That was over 15 years and today, our efforts are still in spreading the aquascaping and the Nature Aquarium concept.

Currently the Brazilian market has grown considerably and more than that, has understood the importance of the preservation issues. The Nature Aquarium is well accepted by most enthusiasts as it offers a natural and true alternative to ecological issues, environmental and preservationists.


lecture NA

Workshop at Aquabase Studio

IMG_3528 jet2

Instructing how to use Super Jet Filter


The legacy of master Amano is widely reported in the Aquabase through their workhops, which are taught in their Studio every fifteen days, in São Paulo, the most important city in the country. However, since the Aquabase became a official representative of ADA products, has been working  a expansion project very focused in the quality of information and in the dissemination of ADA quality products.

But Brazil is a peculiar country, unlike most European and Asian countries, where the new trends are disseminated with discretion and gradually. The massification and the popularization of new products or a new concept may have a negative effect if it was not run with planning and knowledge.

Therefore, since 2009 the Aquabase is doing work focused directly on the passionate and enthusiastic public by Nature Aquarium. A market segment that forms opinions and helps promote with quality this new trend. Thus, the aquascaping grew up here in the country and along with it the ADA brand has become synonymous with Nature Aquarium and quality products.

It was five years investing efforts in this specific market segment until in 2014 we starts our great project to spread massively the ADA products around the country.

In the end of this year, we brought our first full container of ADA’s products to Brazil. With  just a little promotion only in specialized aquashops in aquascaping, the result was much higher than expected. Now, less than two months after the arrival of the products, we already  have placed a second order, that certainly will arrive here in early January next year. Sign of prosperity and good times.

Our sales strategy is still the same: offer the best products in the world for the Nature Aquarium, but offering also a lot of quality information for consumers. For retailers, we offer a direct communication channel to they feel safe and confident in order to sell more ADA products.

For this, we were named some official shops who received a complete ADA  kit which will be assembled by Aquabase team. These presentations and workshops are intended for the consumer public and skilled in the art, in order to have direct contact with the handling and easy information about the characteristics of ADA products.


Lecture south 1

Nature Aquarium seminar


In the last quarter of the year, the Aquabase Team lectured 4 times by the great capitals of the country, where these official stores ADA are located. Sao Paulo, Curitiba, Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro. These events were filled with joy, fun, interest and participation, which will certainly bring great results for these markets.

The success of this attitude was so great that we already have confirmed for the first quarter of 2015, 5 new workshops, thereby certifying, 5 new official stores ADA by Brazil.

We are very happy and fulfilled, because we can reach, after just 5 years of work, a business status very close to ideal planned to this period. The Aquabase and his associates are the reference point of the Nature Aquarium in Brazil, thanks to its reputation, workshops and quality of the work and massive dissemination of quality information.

Today, the ADA products and the Nature Aquariums concept is already into the life of many of Brazilians, who want to experience the Nature and contemplate it with respect and humility.

And more than that, the ADA brand is a great ally of the Brazilian aquascapers because ADA products are able to show that with quality products and knowledge, we can appreciate the imperfections of Nature. Like the Wabi-sabi concept, we want  to have the privilege to contemplate the imperfections of life, of Nature.

Thank you to Mother Nature, thank you to the ADA products, mainly thank you so much to the Master Amano. Today we can say that because them, we are human beings a little bit better, thanks to our passion for Nature Aquarium.

Yes, we have a dream, but this dream became true!!!




ADA Team in Barazil


Aquabase :


(*Aqua Journal #231)