Nature Aquarium uses various layout tools for creation and maintenance of layout. In particular, Pro Razor and Pro-Brush used to remove algae are one of the very convenient and handy maintenance tools. Make good use of these tools and maintain your aquarium more efficiently.



Why ADA has a wide range of tools?


Nature Aquarium layouts are created and maintained using layout tools such as scissors and tweezers. One of the great features of ADA layout tools is its wide lineup available in different shapes and sizes to cater for various aquarium sizes, aquatic plant species and planting and trimming methods. Each user has their own preference on size and shape for comfort and ease of use. There are standard models for ADA’s scissors and tweezers, which are Pinsettes L (tweezers) and Trimming Scissors L Straight type (scissors). Based on these standard items, many variations have been developed, such as size variations of tweezers (S up to XL), Pro Pinsettes Grip type for holding rosette-type plants having slippery surfaces, trimming scissors curve type having curved blades, Pro-Scissors Short having a shorter total length and compact Pro-Scissors Spring, to name a few. On top of them, ADA also offers some advanced aquascaping scissors for specific purposes. Trimming Scissors Curve type was developed for both trimming of stem plants and pruning of foreground plants. These scissors has later advanced to Pro-Scissors Nude having curved handles and blades designed specifically for pruning of foreground plants. Then, Pro-Scissors Wave, having shorter total length, was also introduced to offer greater performance in the limited space inside a tank. ADA offers a rich variety of layout tools so that the users can select the most useful one for them according to their needs and preference, besides the reason that they can use different types of tools depending on the environment/situation.




Great tools for algae cleaning


Apart from scissors and tweezers, ADA layout tool lineup also includes Sand Flattener for making neat substrate surface and Bottom Release for inserting of substrate nutrients sticks. Among the aquarium maintenance tools, algae cleaning tools such as Pro Razor, Pro Picker and Pro-Brush are most frequently used items. Pro Razor is a product designed to remove algae from the surface of aquarium glass. It is a powerful tool to maintain aquarium clean. It has a blade at its tip to efficiently scrape off algae with less force. When using Pro Razor, move the blade up and down on the glass surface and repeat it while slowly moving the Pro Razor sideways. In this way, you can cover the entire portion to be cleaned. Yet, algae may sometimes remain on the glass depending on the force applied to the blade, so look at the aquarium from the side and make sure that all the algae have been removed. If you find algae still remain on the glass surface, clean again using Pro Razor. Be sure to perform water change after removing algae. Pro Picker is a tool designed to remove mainly black beard algae that is stuck on driftwood and stones. It is an effective tool to remove algae from hard to reach places. However, Pro Picker is not suitable for cleaning algae covering a wide area such as a large stone. Conventionally, a commercially available brush was used to remove algae grown on a large or wide object, but they were not of the best quality. To achieve more efficient algae removal, ADA has developed new Pro-Brush.




Great Features of Pro-Brush


Brushes sold in the shops are usually hard to use to remove algae from planted aquarium layout. Pro-Brush was developed to tackle this challenging situation. Ordinary brush such as toothbrush uses relatively soft material like nylon and polyester. When we try to clean algae grown on stone with a soft brush, we need to rub hard and the brush will wear out soon. Metal brushes designed to remove rust are available in DIY stores, but these brushes are too hard and can easily damage or crack stone. For this reason, these brushes are not suitable for algae cleaning. Pro-Brush uses a new abrasive brush made of resin to solve the challenges of conventional brush materials. Through repeated prototype testing at Nature Aquarium Gallery, the bristles of Pro-Brush have the thickness, length and shape best suited for algae removal. Pro-Brush efficiently cleans both green algae covering a large stone surface and stubborn black beard algae.





Abrasive resin brush efficiently cleans algae. The stainless steel handle fits hand comfortably, making prolonged algae removal work easier.



Product :




Can you tell me when to use Pro-Brush and when to use Pro Picker?



Pro-Brush uses the material suitable for rubbing hard stone surface. It can efficiently remove algae without damaging stone surface much. Meanwhile, Pro Picker made of 100% stainless steel can damage stone surface if you scratch the stone too hard with this tool. Pro Picker is also not suitable for cleaning of a wide area. At Nature Aquarium Gallery, Pro Picker is used to remove black beard algae grown on driftwood.



Pro Picker is suitable to remove black beard algae on driftwood.







May I know what type of trimming Pro-Scissors Wave is suitable for?



Pro-Scissors Wave, a product developed through repeated improvement of Trimming Scissors, is ideal for pruning of foreground plants. The difference from Trimming Scissors Curve type and Pro-Scissors Nude is that Pro-Scissors Wave have long, wide-open curved blades, which makes this tool suitable for pruning of a wide area. Even at Nature Aquarium Gallery, Pro-Scissors Wave is very often used for pruning of foreground plants in large aquarium tanks. A tip for effective pruning of plants covering a wider area is to use it at a low angle.



Pro-Scissors Wave ideal for pruning of foreground plant is a great tool born out of Takashi Amano’s enthusiasm.







How to use Sand Flattener during substrate set-up?



Sand Flattener is used to make the substrate neat. It is not suitable to even out a large amount of Aqua Soil spread in a large tank. Sand Flattener is suitable for making neat fine details of the layout, such as creating a gap between Power Sand and glass wall and making the surface of Aqua Soil Powder Type neat. When making a cosmetic sand layout, it is convenient to use this tool to even out the cosmetic sand. It is also useful to make cosmetic sand surface neater during maintenance. We recommend you to have a Sand Flattener at hand!



Sand Flattener is a great tool for fine substrate work, such as finishing of Power Sand and cosmetic sand.





(From Aqua Journal #256)