WeScape – the Battle





On October 1st 2016, the first ‘WeScape – the Battle’ took place in Dortmund, Germany.

Organized by the Aquascaping Community „WeScape“ and sponsored by ADA Germany, 3 aquascaping teams from Germany and 1 team from France lined up for a friendship competition. The event took place during a big fair, so that a lot of fair visitors could get the possibility to have a look at the battle. The ambition of the event was to show the audience that aquascaping is a creative competition and to make a lot of people who visited the fair have more interests in it.


The 4 teams got 2 hours to create a 60-P ADA Cube Garden. Each team was build by 4 to 5 famous aquascapers. During the creation time, I moderated the event so that the audience could ask their questions to the teams. At the end of the creation time,  the 4 tanks were filled with water and completed with technical equipments which were sponsored by ADA Germany. The audience judged each tank and appointed the tank by team ‘I Smiley Aquascaping’ from Germany as the best. Theier aquascape was created in natural style.


After the big success of the first event ‘WeScape-the Battle’, we believe this competition should become an inherent part of the fair in Germany.










EAPLC 2016  Ceremony




On November 19th 2016, the EAPLC ceremony took place as the second time at the ADA 300 item store Garnelenhaus in Hamburg, Germany.


Meanwhile it’s the 4th EAPLC ceremony and as the biggest european aquascaping photo competition, the number of participants has been getting bigger and bigger every year.


The evening before the day of ceremony, which is organized by ADA Germany, a lot of famous aquascapers from all over Europe came together to share their experience.


During the cremony, I handed out the winning prizes and the winning tanks were evaluated by the present judging members. More than 100 visitors attended the ceremony and enjoyed the Live Aquascaping of 120-P ADA Cube Garden by famous aquascaper, Mr.Dave Chow from Hongkong. A lot of aquascapers who were there had the opportunity to ask questions to Mr.Dave Chow.  Also I moderated the other workshop there. People had also the possibility to follow the event live on facebook to ask questions by online.


Next year the EAPLC will take place as the 5th time and of course it will be a big record of participants again. This shows that Aquascaping in Europe is getting more and more popular and a lot of squascapers will follow their big ideal Mr.Takashi Amano.





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(From Aqua Journal #256)