ADA Ambassador program




Working with ADA for almost 10 years now , we felt the need to have more people enjoy this wonderful hobby. If more people need to know about this hobby in a country like India we needed more people talking about this beautiful and exciting concept of Nature aquariums. On much thought we thought of training people who will be known as “Ambassador’s of ADA”. Thus the ADA Ambassador program was launched.


THE AIM : A person who has the love and passion understands what is Aquascaping and how to make beautiful aquascapes.


Everyone wants to be a part of such a program, so we built an online exam portal where the interested hobbyist’s skill could be tested. For the first test we got about 32 entries of which we selected the best 6. They had to answer a set of 60 questions in 1 hour. The 6 hobbyists were further given tasks such as survey of local fish stores in their areas for about 3 weeks and also taught basic information about ADA products and their use in detail.


During the course of the program we had the following activities;

ADA Bootcamp Day 1  

Aquascaping Basics, , How to present your aquascape idea to a client/ Interior designer, Aquascaping a 90H tank with Adip


ADA Bootcamp Day 2  

Given a budget they had to source the required healthy fish from a local stores. How to Prepare an estimate for an ADA full setup for the clients.


ADA Bootcamp Day 3  

Wild fish and plant collection trip to Wayanad,Kerala. Searching for aquatic plants in the forest and looking for ornamental fish in the streams.


ADA Bootcamp Day 4  

Aquatic Plant study and mountain trek.


ADA Bootcamp Day 5  

Aquascaping at Medico Pastoral Association under guidance.

Lesson from a dog training professional to face dogs at worksite.


ADA Bootcamp Day 6  

Personality development by a trained professional


ADA Bootcamp Day 7  

Hard scaping challenge using 45P cube garden.

How to transport nature aquariums from one place to another.


Graduation Day  

Awarded certificates


Shop Visit  

Aquarium Shop visit, and interacting with retailers



Farm Visit


Aquatic plant farm visit

Discussed about the compositions of layouts based on sketches. A man at the front of the photograph is Mr. Adip Sajjan Raj.



The program was concluded with the ADA ambassadors with more knowledge, more skill, more ideas and more enthusiasm. We are happy that there are 6 new ADA Ambassadors out in India to spread knowledge and also to help and guide the future aquascapists! Good luck to them all.




The selected 6 members of ADA Ambassador.


ADA Ambassador program :






The Great Indian Aquascaping Contest 2016


The Great Indian Aquascaping contest is in its 4th year and it has a wide spread reach in India. This year we got 192 entries from people across India, Nepal and Bangladesh. The no of entries were lower this year due to the adverse weather and some natural calamities affecting some regions of the subcontinent.


This year we saw some good aquascapes. A section of people from a certain region of India are emerging as Top aquascapers and bagging the top prizes.

Aquascapers from west Bengal seems to have mastered the art of Aquascaping and this was highlighted in their aquascapes. Bengali’s (People who are from West Bengal ) are very creative people although it’s a very old city in fact the trade capital of India when the British were in India. They love fish head curry and have a very sweet tooth.


First prize winner –  Abhisek Basak

Second prize – Arindrajit Chowdhury

Third prize – Pushpak Kar




The works revelation and awarding ceremony at TGIAC. Enthusiastic aquascapers gathered at the convention.




The awarding ceremony was taken place in festive atmosphere.


The Great Indian Aquascaping Contest:


Still Water Aquatics:



(From Aqua Journal #254)