To maintain good health of aquatic plants and fish, it is necessary to keep a good environment in the aquarium. Aquarium environments tend to deteriorate immediately after water change or trimming of plants and this can often affect the health of fish and aquatic plants. Let’s improve the aquarium environments using various liquid additives and Aqua Conditioners.


■ Cause of deteriorated aquarium environment

Nature Aquarium creates beautiful aquascapes by growing healthy aquatic plants and therefore, it is essential to establish a conducive environment for plant growth in an aquarium.

The environment in aquarium is maintained by aquarium systems including lighting, filtration, substrate and CO2 systems; and if there is a problem in any of these systems, the aquarium environment may be affected. For instance, too dim lighting or too short lighting hours hinders the healthy growth of aquatic plants. If the filter does not work for a long period of time, the filter media get clogged and the filtration capacity of the filter can be reduced, resulting in deteriorated water quality which can cause algal bloom. Damaged environment can be restored by eliminating the factor causing the problem, yet it is impossible to improve the health of affected aquatic plants, fish and microorganisms very quickly. The environment in the aquarium also deteriorates sometimes due to daily maintenance work such as water change and trimming of aquatic plants. If a large amount of aquarium water is changed, the water quality also changes drastically and can cause adverse effect on aquatic plants, fish and microorganisms in the aquarium. Trimming of aquatic plants causes some damage to aquatic plants. In addition, plants absorb less nitrogen and phosphate after trimming and this may lead to change in water quality and result in algae growth. These problems caused by deteriorated environment can be prevented or improved by using various liquid additives and Aqua Conditioners.



■ Effect of liquid additives

Microorganisms in the filter, such as beneficial filter bacteria, are particularly vulnerable to deterioration or sudden change of aquarium environment. The condition of beneficial filter bacteria is easily affected by reduced dissolved oxygen level, sudden drop of water temperature and chlorine residual in tap water. If filter bacteria do not work well, deteriorated water quality (due to rise in nitrite level, etc.) or cloudy water may be caused. In this event, the liquid additive Green Bacter helps the beneficial bacteria regain their health. The organic acid, which is the main ingredient of this additive, stimulates the activity of beneficial bacteria and promotes their growth. If these beneficial bacteria become less active, the tank can have more pathogens that can produce disease. Phyton Git is the liquid additive containing plant-derived disinfectant agent to inhibit the pathogen growth. It also inhibits the growth of blue green algae having the characteristics similar to those of the pathogens/germs that cause fern diseases. Green Gain and ECA (containing various effective organic acids) are effective for improving the condition of aquatic plants affected by trimming or sudden change of water quality. Green Gain contains plant hormone and minerals extracted from sea weeds and promotes the growth of plant leaves after trimming. ECA, containing iron in a form which is easily absorbed by plants, has an effect of treating chlorosis in plants caused by high total hardness level of aquarium water.






■ Use of Various Aqua Conditioners

Chlorine is added to tap water for disinfection and its residual remains even in the water coming from the tap. Therefore, pouring tap water directly into an aquarium is harmful to microorganisms, fish and aquatic plants. Aqua Conditioner Chlor-Off neutralizes chlorine in tap water to ensure safe water change. Rio Base supplies organic elements which are lacking in tap water to recreate fish- and plant-friendly river and lake water found in the nature. Vitamix and Blackwater are Aqua Conditioners specifically formulated for fish tanks. The waters of tropical rainforest are rich in various organic acids and vitamins leached from a thick layer of vegetable matters. Tropical fish living in these water conditions are used to the water high in such organic acids and vitamins. By adding Vitamix to an aquarium with tropical fish that are under the stress caused by transportation or change in water quality, you can relieve their stress with the effect of vitamins and humic acid contained in this product. Use these Aqua Conditioners when you change aquarium water or add fish to your aquarium.



Measure Aqua Conditioner with its cap because its application amount is relatively large. Keep Aqua Conditioners in a cool, dark place to prevent deterioration due to heat and light.







How can I use Phyton Git to fight algae?


Phyton Git high in acidity level is an effective disinfectant and also useful in fighting against certain types of algae, namely black beard algae and blue green algae that spreads like a film and has fungus-like smell. You can control blue green algae by eliminating them as much as possible with water from a hose and then applying Phyton Git, an effective algaecide, directly to the affected area with a dropper. To control black beard algae on driftwood or stone, expose the affected area to the air and apply Phyton Git which has been diluted with the same amount of water with a brush. Let it stand for a few minutes and put it back in the water. Algae will turn to reddish brown and wither away after a short period of time.




Applying diluted Phyton Git with a brush is effective to eliminate algae on Anubias.







Will the aquarium water be colored if I add Vitamix or Blackwater to my aquarium?


Vitamix is yellow-colored liquid due to the presence of vitamins. This color is not noticeable in aquarium as Vitamix is diluted with aquarium water. If you are still worried about the color, we recommend you to use “Do!aqua be Relax”. It does not contain as many types of vitamins as Vitamix, but it is clear, colorless and free from the worry of colored water. For Blackwater, coloring the aquarium water in light brown is one of its functions. If you do not want your aquarium water to be colored, Rio Base is an alternative option. Rio Base also contains humic acid that relieves the stress of fish, although Blackwater is more effective.



“be Relax” contains vitamins as well as the ingredients that protect mucus membrane of fish.






What to do if the pH level of tap water is high and the pH level of aquarium water rises after water change?


When the pH level of tap water is high, the condition of fish and aquatic plants may get bad after water change. You can prevent the rise in pH by adding “Do!aqua be Soft” to the tank. Very often, the carbonate hardness (KH) level of tap water is also high when its pH level is high (i.e., alkaline). High carbonate hardness level sometimes hinders photosynthesis of some species of aquatic plants and their healthy growth is disrupted. The KH level lowers when pH level is lowered by application of acidic “be Soft”, achieving the water quality suitable for good plant health. When you add “be Soft”, be sure to check pH value beforehand by using pH Kit.


High carbonate hardness level can be a cause of poor growth of South American aquatic plants such as genus Syngonanthus.


(From Aqua Journal #248)