Appropriate lighting system is crucial in Nature Aquarium for growing healthy aquatic plants and making a beautiful aquascape. Besides the conventional types of fluorescent lamp and metal halide lamp, LED lamp is becoming a popular option for aquarium lighting these days. AQUASKY is an LED lighting system designed for planted aquarium.



Easy-to-install AQUASKY

AQUASKY is an LED lighting system suitable for popular W60cm and other small tanks. Its installation is as easy as just placing the AQUASKY unit on a compatible size of aquarium tank. The slim and lightweight lighting unit, which is a feature of LED lamp, illuminates your aquarium as if it is floating in the air on the clear acrylic stand. Another feature of AQUASKY which cannot be obtained with conventional stand lightings is its open atmosphere derived from a wider distance (approximately 10cm) between the water surface and lighting unit and open space in front and back of the light. Considering that most of the LED lights designed for W45cm or smaller tanks are not sufficiently bright for good plant growth, AQUASKY is an important option in making full-blown layouts in a small-size tank. The secret that makes AQUASKY installation safe and easy is in the shape of its stand. The stand specifically designed for AQUASKY has a claw on each leg that helps the stand sit securely in place without moving or falling. To ensure safe installation, each AQUASKY product is used only for a specific size of tank (Cube Garden). By limiting the compatible size of Cube Garden for each AQUASKY product, the simple design and enhanced safety of AQUASKY is realized.



Why aquatic plants grow well with AQUASKY?

AQUASKY has been developed as the first LED lighting system for planted aquariums in the industry. There were LED aquarium lights even before AQUASKY, but they were not suitable for planted aquariums due to low luminosity. At that time, people even said that aquatic plants could not grow under LED lamps. However, AQUASKY proved that this perspective was wrong. The reason why aquatic plants did not grow with the conventional LED lights was due to absolutely insufficient luminosity. The benefits of LED’s energy savings and long life factors were focused while the factor of brightness was not significantly considered. There were other factors which posed concern about LED; the cost and heat. To achieve higher brightness, LED lighting need to have more LED lamps or adopt higher lumens LED lamps; but this directly leads to higher cost. Furthermore, if LED light is made brighter, more heat is generated and a measure needs to be taken to prevent rise in temperature. AQUASKY achieved the brightness and light distribution suitable for planted aquariums by optimizing the layout pattern of high brightness white LEDs. Now, ADA’s LED lighting system can illuminate the entire aquarium at a brightness level comparable to fluorescent and metal halide lamps, enabling the creation of full-scale layouts in small tanks up to W60cm just with AQUASKY.


……………………………………………. Rear (with mirror)………………



……………………………………………….Front………………………….  (10cm from water surface)

Light Distribution of AQUASKY MOON 601 with MIRROR UNIT.

The background area of aquarium, where sun-loving stem plants are usually planted, looks brighter with AQUASKY MOON with MIRROR UNIT.



AQUASKY MOON is even brighter now

AQUASKY MOON is an advanced type of LED lighting system for planted aquariums, which inherits all the benefits and advantages of AQUASKY. Equipped with LED lamps approximately 1.5 times more than conventional AQUASKY models, AQUASKY MOON 601 provides sufficient brightness for a W60cm tank just with one unit of lighting unit (AQUASKY 602 uses two units of lighting unit). While AQUASKY is bright enough to grow most of sun-loving plant species, AQUASKY MOON provides additional brightness and plants grow better under this light. The stand of AQUASKY MOON is frosted type, which is different from clear stand for conventional AQUASKY models, and it glows itself with light like moonlight when turned on. As a new feature of AQUASKY MOON, the stand can also be used as a supplemental room light.



The above is an installation example of AQUASKY MOON 601 with MIRROR UNIT.

The top view of the layout is reflected in the MIRROR UNIT. It shows another beautiful view of aquascape.






Q1. Can I install AQUASKY to an aquarium tank other than Cube Garden?


The stands of AQUASKY and AQUASKY MOON are designed basically for the use with Cube Garden. If your tank is a frameless tank having the same size and glass thickness with Cube Garden, AQUASKY/AQUASKY MOON can be installed to your tank in theory. However, ADA has not verified the installation of the AQUASKY series on non-ADA products, so we do not assure proper installation in such a circumstance. Glass thickness is an important factor in addition to tank size when determining if AQUASKY can be installed to the tank. Please note that even when the tank width is same as Cube Garden, you might not be able to install AQUASKY if the glass thickness is different. For example, the AQUASKY model which is used for W60×D30×H36cm tank having glass thickness of 6mm (or 5mm) cannot be installed to W60×D45×H45cm having 8mm glass thickness.





Each AQUASKY model is designed for specific tank size and glass thickness to fix the stand securely in place.





Q2. Will stem plants grow beautiful just by installing AQUASKY to my aquarium tank?


Sufficient bright light is one of the conditions for good growth of aquatic plants. However, plants do not grow beautiful just with light. You need to fulfill other factors including substrate, filter system, CO2 supply and nutrient supplementation. When AQUASKY or AQUASKY MOON is used for planted aquarium, the plants will perform photosynthesis actively and grow faster under a high intensity light condition and therefore, it is essential to supply sufficient level of CO2 and fertilizers to grow them beautifully. Please install a CO2 system suitable for your tank size and add appropriate fertilizers. If you have already been doing this, adjust the amount of CO2 and fertilizers while monitoring the photosynthesis and leaf colors of aquatic plants.



If you use a brighter light, you need to supply more CO2 and fertilizers accordingly. Please be sure to install a CO2 system.






Q3. Can I add MIRROR UNIT to my AQUASKY later?


Besides the set which comes with AQUASKY MOON and MIRROR UNIT, only MIRROR UNIT is available for each size of AQUASKY and AQUASKY MOON. So, you can add MIRROR UNIT later. MIRROR UNIT has an effect of making the aquarium look brighter and enhancing our aesthetic appreciation experience. We seldom see a top view of aquarium, so it is a sort of new experience to see the top view of the layout in the MIRROR UNIT together with its front view at the same time. The terminal buds of stem plants in particular look like flowers in bloom when viewed from above. We hope AQUASKY/AQUASKY MOON users to try MIRROR UNIT together!





MIRROR UNIT (optional) can be installed to AQUASKY as well as AQUASKY MOON.





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(From Aqua Journal #246)