The market of Singapore is a very dynamic market. With a very small market size, the island is densely populated with multiple brands of aquarium products. ADA has always been a preferred brand by the retailers and aquarists, however, due to its perceived high price, not many retailers are willing to stock them.

Over the years, as the level of fish keeping has advanced, aquarists are more informed through the internet. Stores are more willing to sell ADA products in their stores.


More stores are stocking up ADA products. There is not a better time than now. World economy reports drive people to be more selective in their choice. The shops are more careful to display brands that are strong and stable. ADA in Singapore has entered into a new level, one can easily find ADA products in all major aquarium stores.

If there is anybody who wishes to visit island Singapore to go aquarium stores shopping, you are definitely happy to know that it will take you only a day to drive around Sunny island Singapore. The shops are in close proximities because we are in a small island. Most aquarium stores are located within a cluster of great Asian food too.



Strikers Aquarium

Located in the North Eastern part of the island, this store sells a wide array of fish and equipment. Recently, a planted aquarium division has been set up to promote ADA products. There is an ADA section to allow customers to browse and view the products. One can feel and test almost all of ADA tools.

This shop provides small cash and carry set ups for beginners to learn about fish keeping and planted aquariums. They stock other brands of products to include medications, fish food, fertilizers, rocks, driftwoods as well as livestock. The staffs are trained to offer suggestions and advice.


strikers 4



Superstar Aquarium and Pets Centre

Situated in a housing estate in the East, this store has been selling ADA and promoting proper fish keeping. Shop owner is friendly and is always ready to share planted aquariums and fish keeping tips. Inside the store there are dedicated tanks for fish, plants and a 60p layout. In an island country, space is a constraint and hence the shop has tried to display ADA products at the entrance.


Superstar Banner




That Aquarium

A well known and popular fish store in the North Eastern part of Singapore in a housing estate, this store has a high level of stocks that can cater from the beginner to the advanced hobbyists. It is very experienced shop that all hobbyists will frequent daily to look for their needs. This store is friendly to customers and suppliers. They have the highest assortment of fish, aquatic plants as well as a huge selection of spare parts and accessories. The staffs are friendly and knowledgeable in both fish keeping and planted aquariums.

That aquarium 2

That aquarium 4



LFS 325

A new concept store, that is willing to invest in a very wide range of livestock, is a promising up and coming store. A large shop front with ample shop staffs, each dedicated to specific areas of fish keeping, spare parts and planted aquariums. It is the first store to invest heavily in their display tanks with ADA products, as the owners of the store are keen hobbyists. A plan is under way to set up an ADA section to promote the hobby further.

Situated in the western part of Singapore, it is strategically located in the estate where many popular aquarium stores are established.

lfs aquarium

lfs aquarium 1




IAPLC 2016


Like hobbyists from all over the world, the aquarists in Singapore have always been excited in the event. The barrier to participate in many of them is the fear of being not good enough. Asian folk are generally introvert and not willing to be opened about their home tanks.


Mr Robert Hartono, a familiar face in the local scene as well as IAPLC, is always passionate about his hobby and IAPLC. He feels that IAPLC is a great platform to encourage aquarists of all levels to come forward and sharpen their skills. He has participated in several years of IAPLC and winning prizes himself in Japan.

We spoke to him to hear about his views towards IAPLC for Singapore.

Mr Hartono feels that the local hobbyists are too careful about themselves to let their passion grow. If there are opportunities, he is willing to share his experience through our ADA Singapore platform.

With more exposure, IAPLC will only become a more exciting event that everyone looks forward to. Thank you Mr Hartono for your selfless offer!



(From Aqua Journal #248)


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