Hungarian Aquascaping Contest 2015 – Ceremony





At the end of February the Hungarian Aquascaping Contest also ended with its award ceremony. Hungarian Aquascaping Contest named as HAC had its 7th contest year in a row. This is the largest and most popular contest in the country and it was the first in the aquatic plants hobby. Probably one of those local contest which is still active in Europe these days. Most of others are international or temporary discontinued.


At the ceremony we invited all who participated in the contest and we had a lot of guests including the winners of course. The ceremony is usually about to present the winners to the audience and we give live critics to those as well who participated. Giving critics on papers is really useful, but do this personally gives you the chance to help more each participant to do better next time or understand the problems with the layout.


The goal with these contests is always the same. To keep up the passion and boost the creativity or help each individuals to show up their talent. Creativity is a beautiful part of our hobby and the human minds. And we are all different. Creative minds inspire others, the new generation and the bests show each time a new way, a different technical skill to work with aquatic plants and materials meanwhile this is still the same old hobby.


This is a special occasion where business leaders and the industry can help the hobby and give back a little. ADA Hungary took the role and sponsored the event from the start. In this year with over 2000EUR prize pool. We believe Hungarian contest is a kind of a warm up to other international contests and to the largest challenge the IAPLC each year.


Meanwhile the creativity level and technical skills getting better, we try to add in new ideas to keep up the interest. Like giving special prizes to others too not just the best ranked ones. We love the Newcomer Award. Which is a special award to the person who entered the first time and performed the best. Or the Best Plant award which goes to the one who has the nicest plants, best gardening. We know on contest the hardscape may value a little more than perfect gardening, but we would not like to forget where this all coming from. This special award recognize the ones who do the best with the gardening / plant care side. We also had the Best Shrimp tank award from all these beautiful aquariums. This was not the first time we tweaked the game a little. In the past we had a Wabi Kusa category. As far as I know HAC was the first which did this. We skipped this category this year, but since the hobby is changing all the time, we may will came up with something else next year.


Ceremony events are great occasions to bring together a lot of people from distance locations too and these friendly discussions did not end with the event.

Hungary performed well in the past years on international contest too, because the local community and hobby life is still active.


Specialized shops try to serve the needs and because of that almost all aquatic plants are accessible from the largest nurseries on a weekly basis with fresh shipments. As being an organizer of Green Aqua / ADA Hungary leading role is to have a continuously operating showroom as a central inspirational place for all who is interested about Nature Aquariums and Aquascaping. We have great skilled instructors on board and as an educational place we frequently do workshops to the local community.


Cross fingers, let’s hope we will see more and more Hungarian winners in the future on international aquascaping contests. Keep up the passion!




‘Green Aqua’ is the flagship shop in Hungary



Beautiful showroom of Green Aqua


“Inspirational place for all who is interested about Nature Aquarium and Aquascaping”


Green Aqua :


(From  Aqua Journal #247)