Origin of Creation, afterword

Sayuri Amano




“Origin of Creation” - the title shows everything of this photo book and the life of Takashi Amano himself. This title was the beginning of this publication.


After my father experienced the recurrence of his sickness, he decided to publish the photo book, which was going to be the compilation of his life, and he asked me to write texts for him. For about two years in the serialized column of Aqua Journal, I have been gleaning of Takashi Amano and introducing the various episodes through my point of view that the readers can get ideas of his personality. However, writing texts for the book published under the name of Takashi Amano is a different story. I have to weave his own words into the texts for him. Without hesitation, I thought I would like to respond to his decision to leave this big role to his daughter, me. My father was expecting something that only I, but no one else, could create. I believed I should put what we could find out uniquely in our relationship as father and daughter into a form.


We talked a lot. My father made short walks as a daily routine as he was especially careful about improving his physical strength after he became sick. He didn’t miss the walks everyday not just because he meant to store up his power for the project in Lisbon, but because he had iron nerve that once he decided something to do, he kept doing it in any circumstances. Following my father, I walked with him, too. It was a path to “Origin of Creation” for him and myself. Being surrounded by autumn breeze and gentle sunshine, sometimes on a snowy day wearing gloves and seeing our breath, we walked together. Seeing the landscape of plain field in the background, I was seeing his profile and felt as if I could see everything—a young man passionately seeking the form of planted aquarium, a magnificent view of Amazon, and the dynamism of my father who now was fighting against the ill but still held his dream and kept walking ahead.


I still got lost after laying words. 29 years of me came out without my intentions. Everything was contained in the words that were purely brought out of his mouth, and I connected them together with my hands. The more I tried to describe “Takashi Amano”, the more I felt he was running away from me, while I felt I was getting connected to him in the deepest level in some ways. I tended to rely on the parts that connected to me, but I knew it was not good. Thus I sometimes needed to go somewhere far away from myself to find him. My father gave me advice without any restraint; however, he commended me, it made me glad more than anything. He seemed he could find his real nature in the words, which he himself hadn’t even noticed.


After he completed the project in Lisbon, his medical condition was getting worse, but he never cut corners to proofread the book. Making precise revisions in choosing pictures, layout, and design… he never compromised on his work, saying “I will never print it until I make it perfect.” It was as if I could see his origin in the aspect to keep his attitude for creation, just like he titled the compilation of his life “Origin of Creation.”


“I would like people around the world to read it as a message from Takashi Amano,” he said it over and over. From children to elderly people, from those who know so well about Nature Aquarium to vice versa, I would like everyone who pick up this book to feel what Takashi Amano wanted to deliver through his life.


“I decided the title of the book. It’s ‘Takashi Amano Origin of Creation’.”

At the bright breakfast table under the shining morning sun, he told me. “I do like it,” I truly agreed from the bottom of my heart. It entitles his life perfectly. It presents his way of life, trajectory, and the beauty he had created. As respect and appreciation for everything he left here, I believe that the origin of Takashi Amano will keep living forever.





(From Aqua Journal #241)







“Origin of Creation” in English will be finally released in this spring.


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Hardcover: 280 pages


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