Report on the `Nature Aquarium Seminar´ in Cologne’s MEGAZOO




On November 28 2015, the NATURE AQUARIUM SEMINAR took place at one of biggest aquarium shops in Germany, Cologne’s MEGAZOO. It was hosted by ADA Germany, who is the official ADA distributor for more 8 European countries including Germany. ADA Germany organizes a lot of such events every year at each ADA retail shop or at the big public fares. These events seek to bring the philosophy of Nature Aquarium and the professional tools by ADA (introduction, explanation and presentation) to the visitors.


The speakers on this event were Jörg Buhlmann, ADA Distributor and Daniel Metzer, a staff of MEGAZOO. In front of a big audience, they showed and arranged the ADA Cube Garden 60 step by step. While working on set-up of the tank, they explained the characteristics of creating Nature Aquarium and answered the questions by many visitors.


After the work was finished, they moved the ADA Cube Garden to the beautiful ADA section in the shop. It will be an inspiration to the customers in the future. The participants of the workshop can return to the shop to follow the development and the changes of the aquarium and can put further questions to Daniel Metzer. He is perfectly fitted to give expert advices as a part of the team, which was supporting Takashi Amano to install the 40m tank at the Oceanário de Lisboa, Portugal. In the workshop, he referred on that experience and showed some impressive pictures taken while installing that huge tank back in Portugal.


In the end of the workshop, WABI-KUSA is introduced and the speakers explained how to create and care for such delicate arrangements in a Do!aqua glass bowl. WABI-KUSA is becoming more and more popular in Germany and Europe.


Installing and caring for a Nature Aquarium is a hot topic in Europe, which shows in the huge interest hobbyists take in such events as the Nature Aquarium Seminar at Cologne’s MEGAZOO.







EAPLC 2015 Awarding Ceremony




On 12th of December 2015, EAPLC 2015 Awarding Ceremony took place at the ADA 300 item shop, Logemann’s Garnelenhaus in Hambrug. More than 100 people and ADA-fans joined the ceremony.The schedule of the special event was a fully packed program:


– EAPLC 2015 Awarding Ceremony by Jörg Buhlmann and Jurijs Jutjajevs

We celebrated the winners of EAPLC from whole europe!


– Introduction of the new magazine “European Aquascaping Journal“ edited and published by ADA Germany


– Presentation about the making of and behind the scenes of the 40m tank in Oceanario de Lisboa by Daniel Metzer and Jurijs Jutjajevs

We brought the audience behind the scenes of the makign of process of the giant 40m Nature Aquarium.


– Report about the farewell ceremony of Takashi Amano in Niigata by Jörg Buhlmann, Oliver Knott and carsten Logemann





European Aquascaping Journal vol.1






European Aquascaping Gallery




ADA Germany (European Aquaristics GmbH) has opened an own gallery & showroom in fall 2015.


For all ADA and the European Aquascaping enthusiastics, the Aquascaping Gallery promises to be a special place for Nature Aquarium in Europe. Nature Aquarium seminars, retailer training and special events will be held up regulary at this beautiful gallery.


A lot of ADA display tanks show you the beauty of Nature aquarium at the gallery.

The tanks are created by Jörg Buhlmann and some well known European aquascapers.




ADA Germany :


(From Aqua Journal #245)