In planted aquarium, it is very important to accurately understand water quality, including CO2 concentration. It is difficult for beginner aquarists to evaluate the water quality. However, Drop Checker would help you to determine the proper CO2 concentration just by looking at the color of the reagent installed in the tank. It is also convenient to have Pack Checker which you can easily measure the value by drawing the aquarium water into the tube.



Drop Checker


Pack Checker


Unlike fish aquarium, planted aquarium requires supply of CO2 to facilitate photosynthesis of aquatic plants. However, we have to be careful that excessive CO2 supply can cause a lack of oxygen to fish, shrimp and other animals while insufficient CO2 supply is not effective to promote photosynthesis. CO2 supply is a unique process to planted aquarium. Determining an appropriate amount of CO2 to supply is quite difficult even for those who have been enjoying aquarium hobby and just started planted aquarium. Experienced planted aquarium hobbyists can take the measure of the proper amount of CO2 supply by monitoring the photosynthesis and the behaviors of fish and shrimp. However, this approach is not recommended to everyone as it requires a certain amount of experience. There is a relationship between CO2 and pH levels. As the amount of dissolved CO2 increases, the pH level lowers to become more acidic. On the other hand, as the amount of dissolved CO2 decreases, the pH level increases to become more alkaline. Drop Checker uses this relationship to show the concentration of dissolved CO2 by changing the color of pH reagent. It is not accurate to consider changes in dissolved CO2 amount simply by measuring pH level of aquarium water because stones and driftwood which contain substances affect the pH level. Drop Checker has a layer of air inside and allows only the changes in CO2 amount to be reflected in the color of pH reagent in the check ball. As can be seen from these features, Drop Checker has a unique design which offers outstanding functional roles. Measuring water quality is very often perceived as daunting task and many people hesitate to do it. With Pack Checker, however, the task to measure any inspection items can be easily conducted just by drawing the aquarium water into the pack tube.




CO2 Watcher

Drop Checker continuously monitors changes in CO2 concentration just by being installed in the aquarium, and is easy to use. It is important to supply a proper amount of CO2 and facilitate photosynthesis to grow beautiful aquatic plants. Photosynthesis is crucial for maintaining a healthy environment within the aquarium.





As its great feature, Pack Checker allows everyone to conduct a measurement of water quality easily and quickly just by drawing the aquarium water into the tube. When using Pack Checker, it is advised to scoop aquarium water into a container in order to avoid the reagent getting into the aquarium and affecting the water quality.