This year it is very specialised because nature aquarium creator has pass away. Therefore, ADA Iberica wanted to make a tribute to Takashi Amano. Yago Alonso

talked with the association AEDPAC, which represent the pet industry in Spain and Portugal, to organize a big event focus on Mr. Amano and his legacy: the Nature Aquarium.

People from all over the country have travelled to attend the biggest aquascaping event ever in Spain and Portugal.

We create an unforgettable 4 days none stop aquascaping days with:


Special guests: Long Trang Hoang from Vietnam, the most awarded persons in IAPLC, Luca Galarraga and Fernando Franschicheli from ADA Brazil, Adam Paszczela from ADA Poland and Juan Puchades as the top aquascaper in Spain.


Top Aquascaping and ADA Shops: We gather leading aquadcaping shops at the event as Nascapers, Aquaeden, Pzes, Tropican Mascotas, Fauna Paradise, Dingo Pet Shop and a long so on.


Aquascapers: We invited top shops clients and the Aquascaping Spain Group. People from all over Spain and Portugal travel long journeys as no one could miss the biggest aquascaping event.


The 4 Days Aquascaping Event

At the Iberzoo trade show we create a big conference room with cinema screen with none stop aquascaping conferences, workshops and events happening all day long with over hundred attendants on the conferences:


The Conferences:

The Tribute:

Yago Alonso did a conference on Takashi Amano. The conference started asking attendants to define Mr. Amano in 1 adjective and for those that had the privilege to meet Mr. Amano to share with the audience any memorable experience. The words where: Inventor, genius, artist, visionary, perfectionist, leader…thank you.

Yago Alonso presented Mr. Amano as a renaissance person from the 21st century like Leonardo Da Vinci. It was the conference with the highest attention, everyone was completely silence as everyone discovers many new facets about Mr. Amano that they didn’t knew about.


Nature Aquarium Conferences:

  • Underwater Layouts: Challanges and experiences  By Long Tran Hoang
  • How to win the Nature Aquarium Market. Experiences from Vietnam  By Long Tran
  • Secrets of Originality in the Nature Aquarium. Study of the works of Dave Chow and Masashi Ono  By Adam Paszczela
  • ADA Idea Studio: Marketing Sense of creating showrooms and exhibition tanks in shops and aquacompanies  By Adam Paszczela
  • Aquabase: Success and Passion  By Luca Galarraga
  • The dream of IAPLC. How to evolve a winning work  By Luca Galarraga
  • Aquascaping: Bases, evolution and competition  By Juan Puchades
  • Aquascaping in Spain. Today and how to evolve  By Juan Puchades
  • Floresta Submersa Challange  By João Falcato and Yago Alonso


The Workshops:

Each day one full 60P ADA set was performed by our special international guests: Long Tran, Luca Galarraga and Adam Paszczela. Each workshop was a master class of ADA products uses, nature aquarium technics, recommendations…


The Aquascaping Challange:

From Thursday till Saturday a 100 square meters area with 24 tables and 72 aquariums surrounded by many hundred kilos of different rocks, sands, aqua soils and many woods free to use for the challange. Everyday participants had 1 hour to perform 1 Iwagumi, 1 Ryoboku and 1 Paludarium. The highest scored aquascapers from Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning did the final challange on Saturday afternoon. All top winners for each category had to plant the tank as the aquariums will be exhibit at the Aquarium of Barcelona.




The new ADA Gallery special party:

On Friday night I organised a premier private party for special guests before official opening of the new ADA Gallery in Spain and Portugal. A big assortment of Japanese food was served at the gallery while people enjoy for the first time ever a unique space right in the centre of Barcelona with all ADA products assortment and over 10 full ADA tanks nature aquarium exhibit including the ones performed by Long, Luca and Adam. It was an unforgettable party for all attendants.



The Aquarium of Barcelona

ADA Iberica organized the first ever Takashi Amano Photo Exhibit at the Aquarium of Barcelona. Over 1.5 million visitors attend the Aquarium of Barcelona every year. People will enjoy Mr. Amano photography’s at the welcoming entrance of the Aquarium.

At the exit of the aquarium visitors will see a big display exhibition with the top winners aquariums of Iwagumi, Ryoboku and Paludarium of the Iberzoo Challange. It is the first ever aquascaping aquariums display show in the Aquarium of Barcelona.




Floresta Submersa

Yago Alonso organized with Joao Falcato a 1 day trip to Floresta Submersa. It was the first time ever back stage visit. João Falcato brought all attendants to the main conference room and he explained how this unrepeatable project came to a reality.

All of us that participate on the project and also the people that knew Mr. Amano in person explode with skin-deep emotions when they enter the room and saw for the first time ever the finished work. An overwhelming sensation of beauty, memories, happiness and sadness invade our souls. We had to take a rest before proceeding with the back stage visit.

For all of us Floresta Submersa is the 8th wonder. We only had one word: Thank you Mr. Amano.





ADA Iberica


(Aqua Journal #242)