Exhibition of ADA full system.


The Hannover Aquascaping competition this year took place from 13th to 15th February under the slogan “The Art of planted Aquarium”. Many aquascapers from whole Europe participated to this  biggest live aquascaping event in the world.


With over 50,000 visitors, the fair is meanwhile one of the most important B2-C fair in Europe and, because of the mentioned competition, it’s a mecca of aquascaping.


The Highlight this year was, of course, the stand of ADA Germany. After the performance of Takashi Amano in the year 2012, the issue “aquascaping” is still becoming more popular in Germany and also in Europe. Beside lots of nicely done up Nature Aquarium, this year’s absolute priority was certainly the new AQUASKY MOON lightning system and the presentation of the new ADA tools 2015 . Furthermore the ADA Hardscape, imported from Japan, took care of highly emotions to the visitors and Aquascapers. It was possible for the first time for many aquascapers to hold such driftwood and stones, known from the collected works from Takashi Amano. Very in demand were the Manten and Unzan Stones. The wonderful planted Wabikusa bowls also were shown at the booth of ADA Germany.


During this event the winner of the last years IAPLC, Gregoire Wolinski signed the contest book 2014 for many interested aquacapers from whole Europe at the booth of ADA Germany.


It was a great honor for the CEO of ADA Germany Jörg Buhlmann  and his team to arrange this event with the beautiful products of ADA.



Exhibition of ADA full system. Super Jet Filters series was also on display.



World premiere of AQUASKY MOON out side Japan.


Display using AQUASKY 301 High Type.



Commemorative photo surrounding  Mr. Gregoire Wolonski (France)


Autograph session was also popular and good opportunity for fellow hobbyists to get to know one another.



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