Oceanario de Lisboa   by Davide Chiacchio (ADA Italy)

For us of ADA Italy it was very lucky to be present in a memorable day like this.

We think that Takashi Amano has made history with this great work that will be unlikely replicated by someone else.

As we enter the room different emotions have affected us; before our eyes we saw something that was never seen before and of great emotional impact.

40 meters of vegetation with attention paid to the smallest detail; a perfectly balanced ecosystem where fish were swimming freely and vivid plants growing in a healthy and lush.

Watching at an aquarium so well done is also an opportunity to admire different varieties of plants and many species of fish and is also a way to observe their behavior in a natural ecosystem recreated in the aquarium.

The thing that mainly has amazed us was the harmony between the different parts of the layout; everything was studied in detail and every portion of the aquarium that was observed was perfectly harmonious with itself and with the following part, moreover watching the aquarium as a whole layout, everything was perfectly balanced and harmonious.

The different type of plants and the colors were perfectly balanced and observing them carefully each one raised different emotions.

Another very interesting thing was the construction of the setting; the absence of light in the room enhanced the brilliance of the light and colors of the aquarium and created a unique moment of “loneliness” between themselves and the aquarium with its wonderful natural ecosystem.

In the room were also present various benches at different heights to admire the aquarium from many angles and from different points of view, all this was accompanied by beautiful music that harmonized into the ambient and favored the emotional closeness to the wonderful view aquarium.

We think the appropriate term to call this kind of creation is not “aquarium tank” but “forest underwater” because its essence is so great when you are standing in front of it, that seems to observe something created by nature and not by man!

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Mr.Davide Chiacchio

ADA Italy :


The Amazing Underwater Forest in Ocenario de  Lisboa Portugal    by LC Chan (ADA Malaysia)

After a 17 and the half hour flight from my home in Kuala Lumpur, I arrived in Lisbon, Portugal on the afternoon of 19th April, 2015. I was to visit the Forest Underwater Nature Aquarium on 21st April. The Lisboa’s Oceanarium grand-opening of Forest Underwater what is so far the most ambitious project of its history.

The Ocenario Lisbon Aquarium about 15mins waking distance from our hotel in Lisbon. Oceanario Lisbon Aquarium is an organisation with a mission “to provide visitors with experiences that combine entertainment and education and assist in the understanding and practice of wildlife conservation”.

The Underwater Forest Nature Aquarium tank is breath-taking with is size 40 meters long. How can I tell you amazing! Picture the aquarium tank with 40 meter length completed with aquatic plants, fishes, driftwoods, stones and white sand! Imagine walking and standing in front of the mind blowing exhibits nature fresh underwater accompanied with a suite composed music of Rodrigo Leão, a Portuguese famous musician and composer, it is described as ‘a perfect fusion between art and nature’ and I couldn’t agree more! You really don’t want to miss enjoying this nature aquarium which was the temporary exhibition only open for 30 months.

Display tank is organised and well presented with beautiful, colourful and well cared aquatic plants. It was amazing to see the fishes swim around the aquatic plants in this tank. For lovers of nature aquarium, this place will satisfy you. Gazing at this Nature Aquarium must help relieve the stresses of crowded city living.

No expense or effort seems to have been spared to make the Forest underwater as impressive as possible in demonstrating freshwater river beds and the life that inhabits them. When Mr.Takashi Amano decide to do something nowadays, he do it well!

The Forest underwater in Oceanario Aquarium is an aquarium that aquarist can only dream about to have it! The Forest Underwater in Oceanario Lisbon Aquarium must rank as the best Nature Aquarium in the World!

To exit the aquarium we had to pass through the walkway exhibit amazing world of tropical forests and their aquatic systems through an outstanding photo that will immerse visitors in the magnificence of the ecosystems begin from rainforest until the open ocean. ‘Education’ and ‘conservation’ were not constantly being thrust down one’s throat.

The Oceanario permanent exhibit was a delight to walk through too. Each corner is connected to a central tank to emphasize how all are in fact one. With arrows pointing in the direction of each next section has multiple opportunities to view the fish inside. The signs explaining the various types of fish are in both Portuguese and English and are well spaced out throughout the building. The side exhibits are arranged by habitat/area of the world, tropical, sections of the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian oceans and a section on amphibians. There is also an emphasis on conservation throughout the exhibits, which I greatly appreciated. There were many young children there, and they seemed to really enjoy themselves and were absorbed by what they were learning.

As an aquarist, I found the Lisbon Underwater Forest Nature Aquarium to be one of the most impressive that I have ever visited. A nice selection of aquatic plants and fish was well displayed in a straightforward manner. I enjoy the scenery and the nature around the tank, rather than just to have a ‘fun time at the beach’. Portugal Underwater Forest Ocenarion is now part of the most-go-list places for every aquascaper and nature lover!


Mr.LC Chan(center) , owners of retailer shop in Malaysia


ADA Malaysia :


“The majestic calmness” By Andriy Nos (ADA Ukraine)

I’ve got to know about launching of a huge project – Nature Aquarium in Lisbon while visiting the gallery of ADA in Niigata after NA-PARTY in 2014.

I saw Natural Aquarium of different sizes in the gallery, in Sumida Aquarium in Tokyo and I could not even imagine what it meant to implement such a large-scale project – 40 meter  Nature Aquarium project and besides in another country.

Since then I have been observing  the work of Mr. Amano in Lisbon and a team of volunteers from the ADA and other countries.

It was very interesting to see Master Amano, who led the process with the help of loudspeaker maintaining complete peace of mind even if something was going wrong.

When I received a letter on April 22 stating that the distributors had the opportunity to visit the exhibition, which had already received the name «Forests Underwater», I was insanely happy.

I had a great desire to share my received experience with people who were fans of Master Amano in Ukraine but did not see his work live.

So I invited the owner of the largest design studios and architecture – Sergei Makhno.

I wanted to show him that Nature Aquarium is an integral part of a modern house and can perfectly complement any interior whether it is classic or modern.

I still remember the first impression:

I felt like somewhere in the Amazon forest in the evening, somewhere near the river, I heard a sound and saw its silhouette. It was 100% feeling of being in the natural environment. I could feel my heart rate slows down after the excitement in the entrance of the exhibition. The room was dark which further emphasized the effect of presence.The light music was played and aquarium fish moved along quietly and majestically. I think they felt that they were completely in the natural environment. To describe briefly my feelings and impressions, I would say: “The majestic calmness.” I was glad to see Mr.Yoshinori Kondo and other staff  of ADA, take a picture  with Mr. Amano, talk with volunteers and Aquascaper.

Many thanks to the Master Amano, ADA staff and all the volunteers who participated in the creation of this great masterpiece –  Nature Aquarium.




Mr.Andriy Nos(left) with Mr.Amano

ADA Ukraine :



Oceanário de Lisboa :


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