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Online questionnaire about digital magazine (E-book)

Please take the time to fill out the questionnaire below which will help us to bettter serve you.
After answering a simple questionnaire, you can download a trial issue of Aqua Journal Digital Edition.
* Question with red asterisk (*) are required.

(1-1) • What source do you use to get a Nature Aquarium information?*

(1-2) • Please fill in the Name/Title of source or URL which you usually use.

(2-1) • Have you ever purchased a digital book (E-book)?*

(2-2) • Do you know that ADA is publishing the nature aquarium information magazine "Aqua Journal" on E-book service?*

(2-3) • If yes, how did you know the "Aqua Journal" on E-book service?*

(3-1) • Have you ever read the Aqua Journal Digital?*

-> (3-3)

-> (3-2)

-> (3-2)

-> (3-2)

(3-2) • If yes, please rate following subjects.*

Image quarity

(3-3) • If no, why did not you read the Aqua Journal Digital?*

(4-1) • What kind of topic interests you the most about Nature Aquarium?*

(5-1) • Are there any other comments you have for ADA?

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